Project implementation to commence in the Učka TCMC

21.11 2019.
Project implementation to commence in the Učka TCMC
Bina-Istra d.d. entered into three agreements for the implementation of the EU funded project Crocodile II Croatia, co-funded up to 85%. These agreements are related to:

  1. the delivery and functional testing of IT equipment required for the implementation of Datex  II standard, amounting to 515.479,00 kn (excl. VAT)
  2. the delivery and mounting of a video-wall amounting to 610.810,00 kn (excl. VAT)
  3. the delivery and implementation of Datex II system software amounting to 690.000,00 kn (excl.VAT)
which are required for the IMPLEMENTATATION OF THE EU PROJECT Crocodile II Croatia in the Regional centre for traffic control and management Učka. 

The deadline for the completion of the overall project is 120 days + 60 days of system’s test operation.
The above mentioned equipment and services are 85% co-funded (CEF Transport)