Establishment of National Access Point for exchange of traffic and road data

31.03 2021.
Establishment of National Access Point for exchange of traffic and road data
 Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure has appointed Hrvatske ceste Ltd to establish the National Access Point in Croatia, which will, as the main information hub for the exchange of traffic and road data, consolidate the data of all road managers and make them available to road authorities and other road managers, as well as end users. This will meet the preconditions to achieve the national strategic goals from the National Program for the Development and Introduction of Intelligent Transport Systems in Road Transport, namely:

  1. Safety and protection of road traffic,
  2. Raise the efficiency of the road transport system,
  3. Sustainable mobility in cities,
  4. Development of ITS industry.
As part of the upgrade of ITS in road transport as well as with other modes of transport, the National Access Point should, among others, ensure the following functional tasks:

  1. Data and related metadata, including information on their quality, should be available for exchange and re-use to any service provider within the Union without discrimination, within a timeframe ensuring the timely provision of real-time traffic information services,
  2. Possibility to receive, process and store data in a standardized format,
  3. Possibility to distribute data to third parties through appropriate communication and application interfaces,
  4. Possibility to connect to external data sources,
  5. Ability to manage business and operational processes,
  6. Possibility of monitoring the system processes,
  7. Possibility to charge the use of certain data,
  8. Appropriate user interface,
  9. Possibility to upgrade,
  10. Other tasks.
For the purposes of establishing the National Access Point, Hrvatske ceste Ltd signed four contracts for the implementation of the EU funded project Crocodile II Croatia, co-financed up to 85%, which relate to:
  • Establishment of the National Access Point and implementation of the DATEX II protocol and integration of the ITS system - contract value: HRK 3,016,004.79 (excluding VAT).
  • Establishment of the Main Centre for Traffic Management and Supervision on State Roads - contract value HRK 3,627,981.08 (excluding VAT)
  • Implementation of DATEX II protocol in traffic control centres Dugopolje, Čavle and Dubrovnik - contract value: HRK 5,155,370.71 (excluding VAT)
  • Implementation of DATEX II protocol in the control centre Sv. Ilija - contract value: HRK 3.915.247,18 (without VAT)
  • Access to the test version of the National Access Point: